Hawthorn Hill’s mission is to establish and operate housing programs for homeless families with children that help them obtain permanent housing and to provide services to help families achieve economic self-sufficiency. That vision requires support and commitment from generous donors like you.

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This button will take you to our page with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, where you can donate directly to our fund.

Or send your donation to:
Hawthorn Hill
3001 Grand Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50312

Smarter Ways to Give:

There are many easy ways to make a planned gift. Dependent upon the gift and your personal situation, you may wish to involve family members, your financial advisor, or your attorney in the decision.

A gift in a will or living trust (bequest)- a simple designation that costs you nothing now, but sustains our programs beyond your lifetime.

To make a charitable bequest, ask your attorney to include the following in your will: “I (name) give, devise and bequeath to Hawthorn Hill, a not-for-profit corporation, existing under the laws of the State of Iowa, and located in Des Moines, Iowa, __________________(percent of my estate, dollars, property, securities, etc.) to be used for general purposes at Hawthorn Hill.”

Beneficiary designation in your life insurance or individual retirement account- naming Hawthorn Hill as beneficiary of these assets is as easy as a phone call to your retirement plan administrator or insurance company, and updating your beneficiary form.

Gifts that pay you income (Charitable gift annuities)- one way to have dependable income in your retirement years, this can provide you with regular payments while supporting our mission. A legal contract between the donor and Hawthorn Hill, through which the donor exchanges cash, stocks, or other assets for an agreed-upon income for life.
Beneftis include:

Significant tax savings in the year the gift annuity is established
Secure, fixed income for life at interest rates typically higher than CDs, savings accounts and other investment options
Partially tax-free income on annuity payments

Tax-free gift of required minimum distributions from an IRA- If  you are 70.5 years old or older, you can contribute up to $100,000 from your individual retirement account without being subject to federal income taxes on that distribution. This provides you a tax benefit, and allows us to use your contribution for our work today. Frequently asked questions on IRAs. Frequently asked questions on IRAs. 

​If you are interested in supporting Hawthorn Hill through a planned gift, please fill out a statement of intent and mail  it to:
Alison Hanner, Director of Development & Public Relations.
1203 Hartford Ave Des Moines, IA 50315
or email: ahanner@bidwellriverside.org

Important information:

Legal Name: Hawthorn Hill
Federal Tax-Identification Number: 42-1258470
Hawthorn Hill is an Iowa nonprofit corporation exempted from federal income taxation as a section 501 (c) (3) publicly supported charity.
IRS Determination Letter
Gift Acceptance Policy

Note: in all cases it is recommended that donors consult with their lawyer and financial planner for counsel and advice.