Hawthorn Hill Staff

Left to right: Kelsie Pinegar, New Directions Shelter Program Manager; Sylvia Glaser, Senior Case Manager; Alison Hanner, Director of Development & Public Relations; Brandi Zeimet, Case Manager; Tim Shanahan, Executive Director; Sergio Hernandez, The Home Connection Program Manager

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TEL: (515) 244-9748
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Hawthorn Hill Staff

Tim Shanahan
Executive Director
Phone: (515) 283-1911
Email: tim@hawthorn-hill.org

Melanie Wright
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (515) 244-9748
Email: melanie@hawthorn-hill.org

Sergio Hernandez
The Home Connection Operations Manager
Phone: (515) 244-9748
Email: sergio@hawthorn-hill.org

Kelsie Pinegar
New Directions Shelter Program Manager
Phone: (515) 243-7456
Email: kelsie@hawthorn-hill.org

Missy Reams
Volunteer and Community Outreach Manager
Phone: (515) 244-6251 (option 5)
Email: mreams@bidwellriverside.org

Alison Hanner
Director of Development & Public Relations
Phone: (515) 244-6251 (option 2)
Email: ahanner@bidwellriverside.org