The Dixon Family Stays on Track

The Dixon family, De’Anthony, Jessica and kids, are proof that hard work, determination and wanting the best for your family will pay off eventually, despite what life throws at you. The family’s journey with Hawthorn Hill began when they arrived from Kansas City and entered New Directions Shelter with their 2 young boys in September of 2017. The did everything right; arranged for school, daycare and began job hunting and found employment. Despite their car breaking down shortly after entering shelter, undeterred, they quickly learned the bus system and continued on their journey to economic self-sufficiency.

The Dixon family has come a long way since those early days at NDS. They moved into their own apartment, completed Holy Trinity’s PATCH program (6 months of rent assistance) and, as required by PATCH, saved 30% of their income and made their first escrow payment. They were also able to get their vehicle repaired with help from a few agencies in the community.

As we all know, life has a way of intervening and in 2019 the family returned to NDS, as a result of job loss and inability to cover rent. They applied for and were accepted to Hawthorn Hill’s The Home Connection program in June 2019. The stability provided by THC, an affordable home with a roof over their heads, allowed them to breathe and get back to work, and that they did.

De’Anthony found a full-time construction job with good pay and full benefits for his family. Jessica began working at Price Chopper as a cashier and has been promoted to a supervisor position at the Chopper Fuel store. The family has also grown by one. In addition to their two boys (now in 4th & 1st grades) they recently welcomed a new baby to the family!

Looking to the future and with guidance from Sergio Hernandez, their THC case manager, the Dixons will concentrate on a family budget and work to pay down their debt. They’re also saving for a reliable vehicle, a necessity for a busy working family. Jessica, who has a CNA, has completed five semesters towards her RN degree through DMACC. We think the future looks bright for the Dixon family indeed!