Emilys Rebirth March 2018

Emily and her three children, Lilly Ann – 12, Abraham – 7, and Karson – 6, came to Hawthorn Hill’s The Home Connection program from House of Mercy by way of Leon, Iowa. She knew that leaving the small Iowa town was critical to the wellness of herself and her family. After successfully completing the House of Mercy’s eight month substance abuse program, she was accepted into The Home Connection program and the family-healing began.

Emily noticed almost immediately after settling into her The Home Connection home that family life began to stabilize. Her kids’ behavior and communication improved as did their school performance, and with guidance from her The Home Connection case manager, Emily began taking charge of herself and her family’s future.

Emily had accumulated loan debt through her study to become a licensed beautician but in just six months in THC program she has significantly paid down that debt. She took a six month Welding Certificate program at DMACC and is currently working full time as a welder. She has also managed to pay off all of her court fines and got her driver’s license in January of this year. It seems this progress is infectious; Lilly Ann, Abraham and Carson are happy kids who are thriving at home and at school.

Emily recently celebrated eighteen months of sobriety and with the wonderful support of her mom and her sister (who are here in Des Moines) and her THC family, she is laser focused on three goals: paying off remaining debt, buying a vehicle that she desperately needs, and purchasing a home through Habitat for Humanity. She has made such progress in her short time in The Home Connection. We have no doubt that with her drive and her commitment, Emily will accomplish each of those three goals in no time!