The Russi Family Perseveres

We all know that it only takes one catastrophic life event to wreak havoc on any family. For the Russi family (mom, dad and their four children), that event was a serious illness. The family was doing well in California until dad became seriously ill and lost his job, income, and eventually their home. The family decided to relocate to Iowa, and they found themselves at New Directions Shelter.

They stayed at NDS over a month, then applied to The Home Connection program in October 2019. They were accepted and began the work to regain their lives. Dad found a good job where he works nights and has been employed for a year and half.

Shortly after they settled into their THC home, however, Mom became ill and was diagnosed with a permanent disability. Despite these setbacks and, of course the pandemic, the Russi family perseveres. They concentrated on their goals and their household budget and decided to use the stimulus check they received earlier in the year to purchase a more reliable minivan for the family.

The kids are very helpful to mom around the house, including helping to care for their newborn sibling! In addition to diligently completing their household chores, they really enjoy and flourish in school.

Like so many of us during COVID, there are ongoing struggles but the Russi family remains focused and determined to achieve the independence they enjoyed and worked so hard for, in what seems like a lifetime ago, in California.