A Family Works Towards Financial Success

Anthony, Portia and their two young children arrived at New Directions Shelter in August of 2018 after finding themselves homeless due to unsafe living conditions, including an extremely unscrupulous landlord. In September 2018 they applied for and were accepted into The Home Connection Program.

Upon entering the program, Portia was working at a daycare facility and is currently still employed there. Anthony was working at a temp agency but has since found a full-time position with full benefits.

Anthony and Portia’s biggest roadblock on their path to self-sufficiency was getting their debt paid down and improving their credit score. They have made major strides in this area in their 18 months in the program through hard work and with guidance from their The Home Connection family case manager.

They paid off their car loan and have purchased another, more reliable vehicle. They now have both a savings and a checking account, and Anthony has raised his credit score by 85 points, Portia’s score is up 70 points. They are very determined to continue this progress and build up their savings with hopes of one day buying their own home. They are so focused, in fact, that they will be attending Habitat for Humanity’s financial classes this summer.

Their hard work pays off in multiple ways. They now have increased confidence and hope for the future and so do their two very smart, very well-behaved kids.

Occasionally we just need a safe space and a little time to breathe. Anthony and Portia have certainly made the best of this journey so far and we look forward to their continued success!