Sompong and his children

From Turmoil to Tranquility - Sompong's Journey



Sompong and his four children entered The Home Connection program in September of 2009, reunited, relieved and ready for a new start. A victim of spousal abuse, Sompong's world was in turmoil when his former wife was deemed an unfit mother and his children were removed from the home and put in foster care. After one long year of parenting classes, counseling and meeting all of the mandatory OHS requirements, Sompong was finally awarded full custody of his kids.


Once placed in their Home Connection house Sompong and his children set to work being a family again in a safe and peaceful home setting.  Sompong could now concentrate on his job (that he's held for the past 15 years) and being a dad, and his children could relax and concentrate on school and just being kids.


No stranger to hard work, Sompong has been a very dedicated Home Connection client. In addition to being a pleasant, respectful person, he has always paid his rent on time (or early) and has always maintained his house, inside & out. He has also become very good at budgeting his money and has paid off all of his debt.


This same sense of dedication and resilience has been instilled in his children. The oldest, Kham, is employed and attending DMACC.  He's working towards a career in the medical profession.  Daughter, Chanthong,graduated from Roosevelt and is studying at DMACC for a degree in business administration. Johnny, is a sophomore at Roosevelt. He's a sports enthusiast and is currently looking for a part time job . Jason, the youngest, is in 5th grade at King's school.  He's a good kid who studies hard and gets good grades.


The last five years of diligence and hard work have definitely paid off for Sompong and his children.  Using his savings and Home Connection escrow funds, during October 2014 Sompong made a down payment on a three bedroom Habitat for Humanity home, signed the purchase papers and mortgage, and moved his children into their own home.