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Rocio Story



Rocio, a Mom on a Mission - Accomplished!

In October of 2011, a pregnant Rocio and her 3 children escaped an unthinkable situation and made their way to the Family Violence Center. Rocio was obviously terrified and very worried about her family's future. In November of 2011 she got a glimpse of the bright light at the end of this dark tunnel when she applied and was accepted into Hawthorn Hill's Home Connection program.

Never one to shy away from hard work or responsibility, Rocio got busy putting her life back
together. Since entering the Home Connection program, she completed ESL classes, earned her GED and was promoted to a supervisor position for the company she has worked at for eight years (where she started as a production worker).

Rocio also completed ISED budgeting courses and achieved the maximum dollar amount
through their Matched Savings Account program. These funds along with the money she
persistently saved from her annual tax refunds were designated for the purchase of her own
home. This dream of homeownership came true in 2014, when Rocio was approved for the
Habitat for Humanity program, and was realized on June 25, 2016, when the family got the keys and moved in to their lovely new home.

At the heart of all of her hard work are Rocio's 4 children. Their time in the Home Connection program allowed them the safety and stability needed to heal and grow. Their behavior and grades improved dramatically, and this progress can now continue as they settle in to their own new home.

The Home Connection program and her family case manager, Sergio Hernandez, provided Rocio the necessary tools she needs to move forward; to continue to work hard at her job, at managing her household budget, and at being a good mom. Rocio has hopes of one day soon having the time to become more active in the community and help others in need. We think she'll make a fine mentor and role model!