Christine and her children

Christine's Story



Christine's Homeownership Dream Comes True!


Christine found herself wondering what her future was going to be while sitting in jail in Waterloo. She had been arrested for drugs and her life was going nowhere. Christine had been using meth since her father introduced her to the drug when she was 12 years old. She now was a young adult with two small children to take care of and realized she had to do something soon to be the mother her children needed. She knew if she continued the path she was currently on, she would lose custody of her children.


It was while in jail that Christine made the decision to leave Waterloo and all the bad influences she was associated with there. She found out about House of Mercy in Des Moines. She was accepted into their substance abuse program and immediately moved to Des Moines to reside at House of Mercy.  When she and her two children arrived, she had an open case with DHS and was on probation.


Christine was accepted into Hawthorn Hill 's The Home Connection program after completing The House of Mercy inpatient program. While in The Home Connection program, Christine paid off all her debts. She also opened an !-Saves account and made regular deposits into the savings account. Christine also developed budgeting skills and improved her credit score with help from her The Home Connection case manager.


Working with her case manager, she obtained her first full-time job with benefits at Methodist Hospital as a Sterile Technician. Before she became employed at Methodist Hospital, she obtained a Certified Nurse Assistant Certificate, CNA Extended and Sterile Procedure Technician Certificate.


Christine was accepted into Habitat for Humanity 's homeownership program during the Fall of 2011. After taking the required homeownership classes, and putting her hours in for the building of the home, Christine became a homeowner in December 2011!


Christine now has a very bright future for herself and her two young children - son Kaleb and Shantell.